O Husayn! Consider The Eagerness With Which

O Husayn! Consider the eagerness with which certain peoples and nations

have anticipated the return of Imam-Husayn, whose coming, after the

appearance of the Qa'im, hath been prophesied, in days past, by the chosen

ones of God, exalted be His glory. These holy ones have, moreover,

announced that when He Who is the Day Spring of the manifold grace of God

manifesteth Himself, all the Prophets and Messengers, including the Qa'im,

will gather together beneath the shadow of the sacred Standard which the

Promised One will raise. That hour is now come. The world is illumined

with the effulgent glory of His countenance. And yet, behold how far its

peoples have strayed from His path! None have believed in Him except them

who, through the power of the Lord of Names, have shattered the idols of

their vain imaginings and corrupt desires and entered the city of

certitude. The seal of the choice Wine of His Revelation hath, in this Day

and in His Name, the Self-Sufficing, been broken. Its grace is being

poured out upon men. Fill thy cup, and drink in, in His Name, the Most

Holy, the All-Praised.

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