O Kings Of The Earth! He Who Is The Sovereign

O kings of the earth! He Who is the sovereign Lord of all is come. The

Kingdom is God's, the omnipotent Protector, the Self-Subsisting. Worship

none but God, and, with radiant hearts, lift up your faces unto your Lord,

the Lord of all names. This is a Revelation to which whatever ye possess

can never be compared, could ye but know it.

We see you rejoicing in that which ye have amassed for others and shutting

out yourselves from the worlds which naught except My guarded Tablet can

reckon. The treasures ye have laid up have drawn you far away from your

ultimate objective. This ill beseemeth you, could ye but understand it.

Wash your hearts from all earthly defilements, and hasten to enter the

Kingdom of your Lord, the Creator of earth and heaven, Who caused the

world to tremble and all its peoples to wail, except them that have

renounced all things and clung to that which the Hidden Tablet hath


This is the Day in which He Who held converse with God hath attained the

light of the Ancient of Days, and quaffed the pure waters of reunion from

this Cup that hath caused the seas to swell. Say: By the one true God!

Sinai is circling round the Day Spring of Revelation, while from the

heights of the Kingdom the Voice of the Spirit of God is heard

proclaiming: "Bestir yourselves, ye proud ones of the earth, and hasten ye

unto Him." Carmel hath, in this Day, hastened in longing adoration to

attain His court, whilst from the heart of Zion there cometh the cry: "The

promise is fulfilled. That which had been announced in the holy Writ of

God, the most Exalted, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved, is made manifest."

O kings of the earth! The Most Great Law hath been revealed in this Spot,

this scene of transcendent splendor. Every hidden thing hath been brought

to light, by virtue of the Will of the Supreme Ordainer, He Who hath

ushered in the Last Hour, through Whom the Moon hath been cleft, and every

irrevocable decree expounded.

Ye are but vassals, O kings of the earth! He Who is the King of Kings hath

appeared, arrayed in His most wondrous glory, and is summoning you unto

Himself, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. Take heed lest pride

deter you from recognizing the Source of Revelation, lest the things of

this world shut you out as by a veil from Him Who is the Creator of

heaven. Arise, and serve Him Who is the Desire of all nations, Who hath

created you through a word from Him, and ordained you to be, for all time,

the emblems of His sovereignty.

By the righteousness of God! It is not Our wish to lay hands on your

kingdoms. Our mission is to seize and possess the hearts of men. Upon them

the eyes of Baha are fastened. To this testifieth the Kingdom of Names,

could ye but comprehend it. Whoso followeth his Lord, will renounce the

world and all that is therein; how much greater, then, must be the

detachment of Him Who holdeth so august a station! Forsake your palaces,

and haste ye to gain admittance into His Kingdom. This, indeed, will

profit you both in this world and in the next. To this testifieth the Lord

of the realm on high, did ye but know it.

How great the blessedness that awaiteth the king who will arise to aid My

Cause in My Kingdom, who will detach himself from all else but Me! Such a

king is numbered with the companions of the Crimson Ark--the Ark which God

hath prepared for the people of Baha. All must glorify his name, must

reverence his station, and aid him to unlock the cities with the keys of

My Name, the omnipotent Protector of all that inhabit the visible and

invisible kingdoms. Such a king is the very eye of mankind, the luminous

ornament on the brow of creation, the fountain-head of blessings unto the

whole world. Offer up, O people of Baha, your substance, nay your very

lives, for his assistance.

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