O Muhammad-'ali! Great Is The Blessedness

O Muhammad-'Ali! Great is the blessedness awaiting thee, inasmuch as thou

hast adorned thine heart with the ornament of the love of thy Lord, the

All-Glorious, the All-Praised. He that hath attained this station in this

day, all good shall be his.

Pay thou no heed to the humiliation to which the loved ones of God have in

this Day been subjected. This humiliation is the pride and glory of all

temporal honor and worldly elevation. What greater honor can be imagined

than the honor conferred by the Tongue of the Ancient of Days when He

calleth to remembrance His loved ones in His Most Great Prison? The day is

approaching when the intervening clouds will have been completely

dissipated, when the light of the words, "All honor belongeth unto God and

unto them that love Him," will have appeared, as manifest as the sun,

above the horizon of the Will of the Almighty.

All men, be they high or low, have sought and are still seeking so great

an honor. All, however, have, as soon as the Sun of Truth shed its

radiance upon the world, been deprived of its benefits, and have been shut

out as by a veil from its glory, except them that have clung to the cord

of the unfailing providence of the one true God, and have with complete

detachment from all else but Him turned their faces towards His holy


Render thanks unto Him Who is the Desire of all worlds for having invested

thee with such high honor. Ere long the world and all that is therein

shall be as a thing forgotten, and all honor shall belong to the loved

ones of thy Lord, the All-Glorious, the Most Bountiful.

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