O My Well-beloved! Thou Hast Breathed Thy

O My Well-Beloved! Thou hast breathed Thy Breath into Me, and divorced Me

from Mine own Self. Thou didst, subsequently, decree that no more than a

faint reflection, a mere emblem of Thy Reality within Me be left among the

perverse and envious. Behold, how, deluded by this emblem, they have risen

against Me, and heaped upon Me their denials! Uncover Thy Self, therefore,

O My Best-Beloved, and deliver Me from My plight.

Thereupon a Voice replied: "I love, I dearly cherish this emblem. How can

I consent that Mine eyes, alone, gaze upon this emblem, and that no heart

except Mine heart recognize it? By My Beauty, which is the same as Thy

Beauty! My wish is to hide Thee from Mine own eyes: how much more from the

eyes of men!"

I was preparing to make reply, when lo, the Tablet was suddenly ended,

leaving My theme unfinished, and the pearl of Mine utterance unstrung.

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