O Son Of Justice! In The Night Season The

O Son of Justice! In the night season the beauty of the immortal Being

hath repaired from the emerald height of fidelity unto the

Sadratu'l-Muntaha, and wept with such a weeping that the Concourse on high

and the dwellers of the realms above wailed at His lamenting. Whereupon

there was asked, Why the wailing and weeping? He made reply: As bidden I

waited expectant upon the hill of faithfulness, yet inhaled not from them

that dwell on earth the fragrance of fidelity. Then summoned to return I

beheld, and lo! certain doves of holiness were sore tried within the claws

of the dogs of earth. Thereupon the Maid of Heaven hastened forth unveiled

and resplendent from Her mystic mansion, and asked of their names, and all

were told but one. And when urged, the first letter thereof was uttered,

whereupon the dwellers of the celestial chambers rushed forth out of their

habitation of glory. And whilst the second letter was pronounced they fell

down, one and all, upon the dust. At that moment a voice was heard from

the inmost shrine: "Thus far and no farther." Verily, We bear witness unto

that which they have done, and now are doing.

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