O Thou, At Whose Dreadful Majesty All Things Have

O Thou, at Whose dreadful majesty all things have trembled, in Whose grasp

are the affairs of all men, towards Whose grace and mercy are set the

faces of all Thy creatures! I entreat Thee, by Thy Name which Thou hast

ordained to be the spirit of all names that are in the kingdom of names,

to shield us from the whisperings of those who have turned away from Thee,

and have repudiated the truth of Thy most august and most exalted Self, in

this Revelation that hath caused the kingdom of Thy names to tremble.

I am one of Thy handmaidens, O my Lord! I have turned my face towards the

sanctuary of Thy gracious favors and the adored tabernacle of Thy glory.

Purify me of all that is not of Thee, and strengthen me to love Thee and

to fulfill Thy pleasure, that I may delight myself in the contemplation of

Thy beauty, and be rid of all attachment to any of Thy creatures, and may,

at every moment, proclaim: Magnified be God, the Lord of the worlds!

Let my food, O my Lord, be Thy beauty, and my drink the light of Thy

presence, and my hope Thy pleasure, and my work Thy praise, and my

companion Thy remembrance, and my aid Thy sovereignty, and my

dwelling-place Thy habitation, and my home the seat which Thou hast

exalted above the limitations of them that are shut out as by a veil from


Thou art, in truth, the God of power, of strength and glory.

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