O Thou The Lord Of The Visible And The Invisible,

O Thou the Lord of the visible and the invisible, and the Enlightener of

all creation! I beseech Thee, by Thy sovereignty which is hid from the

eyes of men, to reveal in all directions the signs of Thy manifold

blessings and the tokens of Thy loving-kindness, that I may arise with

exultation and rapture and extol Thy wondrous virtues, O Thou the Most

Merciful, and stir up by Thy name all created things, and so kindle the

fire of Thy glorification amidst Thy creatures, that all the world may be

filled with the brightness of the light of Thy glory, and all existence be

inflamed with the fire of Thy Cause.

Roll not up, O my Lord, what hath been spread out in Thy name, and

extinguish not the lamp which Thine own fire hath lit. Withhold not, O my

Lord, the water that is life indeed from running down--the water from whose

murmuring the wondrous melodies which extol and glorify Thee can be heard.

Deny not, moreover, Thy servants the sweet fragrance of the breath which

hath been wafted through Thy love.

Thou seest, O Thou Who art my All-Glorious Beloved, the restless waves

that surge within the ocean of my heart, in my love and yearning towards

Thee. I implore Thee, by the signs of Thy majesty and the evidences of Thy

sovereignty, to subdue Thy servants by this Name Which Thou hast made to

be the King of all names in the kingdom of Thy creation. Potent art Thou

to rule as Thou pleasest. No God is there but Thee, the All-Glorious, the


Do Thou ordain, moreover, for every one who hath turned towards Thee what

will make him steadfast in Thy Cause, in such wise that neither the vain

imaginations of the infidels among Thy creatures, nor the idle talk of the

froward amidst Thy servants will have the power to shut him out from Thee.

Thou, verily, art the Help in Peril, the Almighty, the Most Powerful.

O Thou The Dread Of Whom Hath Fallen Upon All O Thou Who Art The Fruit Of My Tree And facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail