O Thou Whose Face Is Turned Towards Me!

O thou whose face is turned towards Me! As soon as thine eyes behold from

afar My native city (Tihran), stand thou and say: I am come to thee out of

the Prison, O Land of Ta, with tidings from God, the Help in Peril, the

Self-Subsisting. I announce unto thee, O mother of the world and fountain

of light unto all its peoples, the tender mercies of thy Lord, and greet

thee in the name of Him Who is the Eternal Truth, the Knower of things

unseen. I testify that within thee He Who is the Hidden Name was revealed,

and the Unseen Treasure uncovered. Through thee the secret of all things,

be they of the past or of the future, hath been unfolded.

O Land of Ta! He Who is the Lord of Names remembereth thee in His glorious

station. Thou wert the Day Spring of the Cause of God, the fountain of His

Revelation, the manifestation of His Most Great Name--a Name that hath

caused the hearts and souls of men to tremble. How vast the number of

those men and women, those victims of tyranny, that have, within thy

walls, laid down their lives in the path of God, and been buried beneath

thy dust with such cruelty as to cause every honored servant of God to

bemoan their plight.

O Thou Whose Face Is The Object Of The Adoration O Thou Whose Nearness Is My Wish, Whose Presence facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail