O Thou Whose Tests Are A Healing Medicine To Such

O Thou Whose tests are a healing medicine to such as are nigh unto Thee,

Whose sword is the ardent desire of all them that love Thee, Whose dart is

the dearest wish of those hearts that yearn after Thee, Whose decree is

the sole hope of them that have recognized Thy truth! I implore Thee, by

Thy divine sweetness and by the splendors of the glory of Thy face, to

send down upon us from Thy retreats on high that which will enable us to

draw nigh unto Thee. Set, then, our feet firm, O my God, in Thy Cause, and

enlighten our hearts with the effulgence of Thy knowledge, and illumine

our breasts with the brightness of Thy names.

O Thou Whose Remembrance Is The Delight Of The O Thou, At Whose Dreadful Majesty All Things Have facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail