O Ye The Dawning-places Of Knowledge! Beware That Ye

O YE the dawning-places of knowledge! Beware that ye suffer not yourselves

to become changed, for as ye change, most men will, likewise, change.

This, verily, is an injustice unto yourselves and unto others.... Ye are

even as a spring. If it be changed, so will the streams that branch out

from it be changed. Fear God, and be numbered with the godly. In like

manner, if the heart of man be corrupted, his limbs will also be

corrupted. And similarly, if the root of a tree be corrupted, its

branches, and its offshoots, and its leaves, and its fruits, will be


O concourse of divines! Be fair, I adjure you by God, and nullify not the

Truth with the things ye possess. Peruse that which We have sent down with

truth. It will, verily, aid you, and will draw you nigh unto God, the

Mighty, the Great. Consider and call to mind how when Muhammad, the

Apostle of God, appeared, the people denied Him. They ascribed unto Him

what caused the Spirit (Jesus) to lament in His Most Sublime Station, and

the Faithful Spirit to cry out. Consider, moreover, the things which

befell the Apostles and Messengers of God before Him, by reason of what

the hands of the unjust have wrought. We make mention of you for the sake

of God, and remind you of His signs, and announce unto you the things

ordained for such as are nigh unto Him in the most sublime Paradise and

the all-highest Heaven, and I, verily, am the Announcer, the Omniscient.

He hath come for your salvation, and hath borne tribulations that ye may

ascend, by the ladder of utterance, unto the summit of understanding....

Peruse, with fairness and justice, that which hath been sent down. It

will, verily, exalt you through the truth, and will cause you to behold

the things from which ye have been withheld, and will enable you to quaff

His sparkling Wine.

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