Perused Ye Not The Qur'an? Read It, That Haply Ye May

PERUSED ye not the Qur'an? Read it, that haply ye may find the Truth, for

this Book is verily the Straight Path. This is the Way of God unto all who

are in the heavens and all who are on the earth. If ye have been careless

of the Qur'an, the Bayan cannot be regarded to be remote from you. Behold

it open before your eyes. Read ye its verses, lest perchance ye desist

from committing that which will cause the Messengers of God to mourn and


Speed out of your sepulchres. How long will ye sleep? The second blast

hath been blown on the trumpet. On whom are ye gazing? This is your Lord,

the God of Mercy. Witness how ye gainsay His signs! The earth hath quaked

with a great quaking, and cast forth her burdens. Will ye not admit it?

Say: Will ye not recognize how the mountains have become like flocks of

wool, how the people are sore vexed at the awful majesty of the Cause of

God? Witness how their houses are empty ruins, and they themselves a

drowned host.

This is the Day whereon the All-Merciful hath come down in the clouds of

knowledge, clothed with manifest sovereignty. He well knoweth the actions

of men. He it is Whose glory none can mistake, could ye but comprehend it.

The heaven of every religion hath been rent, and the earth of human

understanding been cleft asunder, and the angels of God are seen

descending. Say: This is the Day of mutual deceit; whither do ye flee? The

mountains have passed away, and the heavens have been folded together, and

the whole earth is held within His grasp, could ye but understand it. Who

is it that can protect you? None, by Him Who is the All-Merciful! None,

except God, the Almighty, the All-Glorious, the Beneficent. Every woman

that hath had a burden in her womb hath cast her burden. We see men

drunken in this Day, the Day in which men and angels have been gathered


Is there any doubt concerning God? Behold how He hath come down from the

heaven of His grace, girded with power and invested with sovereignty. Is

there any doubt concerning His signs? Open ye your eyes, and consider His

clear evidence. Paradise is on your right hand, and hath been brought nigh

unto you, while Hell hath been made to blaze. Witness its devouring flame.

Haste ye to enter into Paradise, as a token of Our mercy unto you, and

drink ye from the hands of the All-Merciful the Wine that is life indeed.

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