Praise Be To Thee O Lord My God For The

Praise be to Thee, O Lord My God, for the wondrous revelations of Thy

inscrutable decree and the manifold woes and trials Thou hast destined for

Myself. At one time Thou didst deliver Me into the hands of Nimrod; at

another Thou hast allowed Pharaoh's rod to persecute Me. Thou, alone,

canst estimate, through Thine all-encompassing knowledge and the operation

of Thy Will, the incalculable afflictions I have suffered at their hands.

Again Thou didst cast Me into the prison-cell of the ungodly, for no

reason except that I was moved to whisper into the ears of the

well-favored denizens of Thy Kingdom an intimation of the vision with

which Thou hadst, through Thy knowledge, inspired Me, and revealed to Me

its meaning through the potency of Thy might. And again Thou didst decree

that I be beheaded by the sword of the infidel. Again I was crucified for

having unveiled to men's eyes the hidden gems of Thy glorious unity, for

having revealed to them the wondrous signs of Thy sovereign and

everlasting power. How bitter the humiliations heaped upon Me, in a

subsequent age, on the plain of Karbila! How lonely did I feel amidst Thy

people! To what a state of helplessness I was reduced in that land!

Unsatisfied with such indignities, My persecutors decapitated Me, and,

carrying aloft My head from land to land paraded it before the gaze of the

unbelieving multitude, and deposited it on the seats of the perverse and

faithless. In a later age, I was suspended, and My breast was made a

target to the darts of the malicious cruelty of My foes. My limbs were

riddled with bullets, and My body was torn asunder. Finally, behold how,

in this Day, My treacherous enemies have leagued themselves against Me,

and are continually plotting to instill the venom of hate and malice into

the souls of Thy servants. With all their might they are scheming to

accomplish their purpose.... Grievous as is My plight, O God, My

Well-Beloved, I render thanks unto Thee, and My Spirit is grateful for

whatsoever hath befallen me in the path of Thy good-pleasure. I am well

pleased with that which Thou didst ordain for Me, and welcome, however

calamitous, the pains and sorrows I am made to suffer.

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