Recall Thou To Mind My Sorrows My Cares

Recall thou to mind My sorrows, My cares and anxieties, My woes and

trials, the state of My captivity, the tears that I have shed, the

bitterness of Mine anguish, and now My imprisonment in this far-off land.

God, O Mustafa, beareth Me witness. Couldst thou be told what hath

befallen the Ancient Beauty, thou wouldst flee into the wilderness, and

weep with a great weeping. In thy grief, thou wouldst smite thyself on the

head, and cry out as one stung by the sting of the adder. Be thou grateful

to God, that We have refused to divulge unto thee the secrets of those

unsearchable decrees that have been sent down unto Us from the heaven of

the Will of thy Lord, the Most Powerful, the Almighty.

By the righteousness of God! Every morning I arose from My bed, I

discovered the hosts of countless afflictions massed behind My door; and

every night when I lay down, lo! My heart was torn with agony at what it

had suffered from the fiendish cruelty of its foes. With every piece of

bread the Ancient Beauty breaketh is coupled the assault of a fresh

affliction, and with every drop He drinketh is mixed the bitterness of the

most woeful of trials. He is preceded in every step He taketh by an army

of unforeseen calamities, while in His rear follow legions of agonizing


Such is My plight, wert thou to ponder it in thine heart. Let not,

however, thy soul grieve over that which God hath rained down upon Us.

Merge thy will in His pleasure, for We have, at no time, desired anything

whatsoever except His Will, and have welcomed each one of His irrevocable

decrees. Let thine heart be patient, and be thou not dismayed. Follow not

in the way of them that are sorely agitated.

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