Regard Thou The One True God As One

Regard thou the one true God as One Who is apart from, and immeasurably

exalted above, all created things. The whole universe reflecteth His

glory, while He is Himself independent of, and transcendeth His creatures.

This is the true meaning of Divine unity. He Who is the Eternal Truth is

the one Power Who exerciseth undisputed sovereignty over the world of

being, Whose image is reflected in the mirror of the entire creation. All

existence is dependent upon Him, and from Him is derived the source of the

sustenance of all things. This is what is meant by Divine unity; this is

its fundamental principle.

Some, deluded by their idle fancies, have conceived all created things as

associates and partners of God, and imagined themselves to be the

exponents of His unity. By Him Who is the one true God! Such men have

been, and will continue to remain, the victims of blind imitation, and are

to be numbered with them that have restricted and limited the conception

of God.

He is a true believer in Divine unity who, far from confusing duality with

oneness, refuseth to allow any notion of multiplicity to becloud his

conception of the singleness of God, who will regard the Divine Being as

One Who, by His very nature, transcendeth the limitations of numbers.

The essence of belief in Divine unity consisteth in regarding Him Who is

the Manifestation of God and Him Who is the invisible, the inaccessible,

the unknowable Essence as one and the same. By this is meant that whatever

pertaineth to the former, all His acts and doings, whatever He ordaineth

or forbiddeth, should be considered, in all their aspects, and under all

circumstances, and without any reservation, as identical with the Will of

God Himself. This is the loftiest station to which a true believer in the

unity of God can ever hope to attain. Blessed is the man that reacheth

this station, and is of them that are steadfast in their belief.

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