Say: O Ye That Envy Me And Seek My Hurt!

Say: O ye that envy Me and seek My hurt! The fury of your wrath against Me

confound you! Lo, the Day Star of Glory hath risen above the horizon of My

Revelation, and enveloped with its radiance the whole of mankind. And yet,

behold how ye have shut out yourselves from its splendor and are sunk in

utter heedlessness. Have mercy upon yourselves, and repudiate not the

claim of Him Whose truth ye have already recognized, and be not of them

that transgress.

By the righteousness of the one true God! If ye reject this Revelation,

all the nations of the earth will laugh you to scorn and mock you, for it

is you that have produced, before their eyes, and for the purpose of

vindicating the truth of your Cause, the testimonies of God, the Sovereign

Protector, the Most Powerful, the All-Glorious, the All-Knowing. And yet,

no sooner was His subsequent Revelation, clothed with the glory of an

all-compelling sovereignty, sent down unto you, than ye cast it behind

your backs, O ye that are numbered with the heedless ones!

What! Believe ye in your hearts that ye possess the power to extinguish

the radiance of the Sun, or to eclipse its splendor? Nay, by My life! Ye

will never and can never achieve your purpose, though ye summon to your

aid all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth. Walk ye in

the fear of God, and render not your works vain. Incline your ears to His

words, and be not of them that are shut out as by a veil from Him. Say:

God is My witness! I have wished nothing whatever for Myself. What I have

wished is the victory of God and the triumph of His Cause. He is Himself a

sufficient witness between you and Me. Were ye to cleanse your eyes, ye

would readily perceive how My deeds testify to the truth of My words, how

My words are a guide to My deeds.

Blinded are your eyes! Perceived ye not the greatness of the power of God

and of His sovereignty? Beheld ye not His majesty and glory? Woe unto you,

ye congregation of the malicious and envious! Hearken unto My speech, and

tarry not though it be for less than a moment. Thus biddeth you He Who is

the Beauty of the All-Merciful, that haply ye may detach yourselves from

the things ye possess, and ascend to the heights from which ye can

discover the whole creation sheltered beneath the shadow of His


Say: There is no place of refuge for you, no asylum to which ye can flee,

no one to defend or to protect you in this Day from the fury of the wrath

of God and from His vehement power, unless and until ye seek the shadow of

His Revelation. This, indeed, is His Revelation which hath been manifested

unto you in the person of this Youth. Glorified, then, be God for so

effulgent, so precious, so wondrous a vision.

Detach yourselves from all else but Me, and turn your faces towards My

face, for better is this for you than the things ye possess. The Tongue of

God testifieth to the truth of My words, through Mine own Word that

speaketh the truth, and embraceth and comprehendeth all things.

Say: Think ye that your allegiance to His Cause can ever profit Him, or

your repudiation of its truth cause Him any loss? No, by My Self, the

All-Subduing, the Inaccessible, the Most High! Tear ye asunder the veils

of names and cleave ye their kingdom. By My Beauty! He Who is the Monarch

of all names is come, He at Whose bidding every single name hath, from the

beginning that hath no beginning, been created, He Who shall continue to

create them as He pleaseth. He, verily, is the All-Powerful, the All-Wise.

Beware that ye divest not yourselves of the raiment of Divine guidance.

Drink ye your fill from the Cup which the Youths of Heaven have raised

above your heads. Thus biddeth you He Who hath more mercy upon you than

your own selves, He Who asketh not any recompense or thanks from you. His

reward is from Him Who hath, through the power of truth, sent Him down

unto you, and singled Him out and proclaimed Him as His own Testimony unto

the whole of creation. He it is Who hath empowered Him to manifest all His

signs. Repeat the gaze, that ye may perceive the things whereunto the

Tongue of the Ancient of Days hath summoned you, that haply ye may be of

them that have apprehended the truth. Heard it ye ever reported by your

fathers of old, or by the generations that preceded them, even unto the

first Adam, that any one coming in the clouds of revelation, being

invested with manifest and transcendent sovereignty, having on his right

hand the Kingdom of God and on his left all the power and glory of His

everlasting dominion, any one preceded by the hosts of God, the Almighty,

the All-Compelling, the Most Powerful, and uttering continually verses

whose import the minds of the most learned and wisest of men are powerless

to fathom, should yet be the bearer of a message that is not of God? Be

discerning, then, and speak ye the truth, the very truth, if ye claim to

be honest and high-minded.

Say: The verses We have revealed are as numerous as those which, in the

preceding Revelation, were sent down upon the Bab. Let him that doubteth

the words which the Spirit of God hath spoken seek the court of Our

presence and hear Our divinely-revealed verses, and be an eye-witness of

the clear proof of Our claim.

Say: By the righteousness of the Almighty! The measure of the favors of

God hath been filled up, His Word hath been perfected, the light of His

countenance hath been revealed, His sovereignty hath encompassed the whole

of creation, the glory of His Revelation hath been made manifest, and His

bounties have rained upon all mankind.

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