Shake Off O Heedless Ones The Slumber Of

Shake off, O heedless ones, the slumber of negligence, that ye may behold

the radiance which His glory hath spread through the world. How foolish

are those who murmur against the premature birth of His light. O ye who

are inly blind! Whether too soon or too late, the evidences of His

effulgent glory are now actually manifest. It behoveth you to ascertain

whether or not such a light hath appeared. It is neither within your power

nor mine to set the time at which it should be made manifest. God's

inscrutable Wisdom hath fixed its hour beforehand. Be content, O people,

with that which God hath desired for you and predestined unto you.... O my

ill-wishers! The Day Star of eternal Guidance beareth me witness: Had it

been in my power, I would have, under no circumstances, consented to

distinguish myself amongst men, for the Name I bear utterly disdaineth to

associate itself with this generation whose tongues are sullied and whose

hearts are false. And whenever I chose to hold my peace and be still, lo,

the voice of the Holy Ghost, standing on my right hand, aroused me, and

the Supreme Spirit appeared before my face, and Gabriel overshadowed me,

and the Spirit of Glory stirred within my bosom, bidding me arise and

break my silence. If your hearing be purged and your ears be attentive, ye

will assuredly perceive that every limb of my body, nay all the atoms of

my being, proclaim and bear witness to this call: "God, besides Whom is

none other God, and He, Whose beauty is now manifest, is the reflection of

His glory unto all that are in heaven and on earth."

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