Tear Asunder In My Name The Veils That

Tear asunder, in My Name, the veils that have grievously blinded your

vision, and, through the power born of your belief in the unity of God,

scatter the idols of vain imitation. Enter, then, the holy paradise of the

good-pleasure of the All-Merciful. Sanctify your souls from whatsoever is

not of God, and taste ye the sweetness of rest within the pale of His vast

and mighty Revelation, and beneath the shadow of His supreme and

infallible authority. Suffer not yourselves to be wrapt in the dense veils

of your selfish desires, inasmuch as I have perfected in every one of you

My creation, so that the excellence of My handiwork may be fully revealed

unto men. It follows, therefore, that every man hath been, and will

continue to be, able of himself to appreciate the Beauty of God, the

Glorified. Had he not been endowed with such a capacity, how could he be

called to account for his failure? If, in the Day when all the peoples of

the earth will be gathered together, any man should, whilst standing in

the presence of God, be asked: "Wherefore hast thou disbelieved in My

Beauty and turned away from My Self," and if such a man should reply and

say: "Inasmuch as all men have erred, and none hath been found willing to

turn his face to the Truth, I, too, following their example, have

grievously failed to recognize the Beauty of the Eternal," such a plea

will, assuredly, be rejected. For the faith of no man can be conditioned

by any one except himself.

This is one of the verities that lie enshrined in My Revelation--a verity

which I have revealed in all the heavenly Books, which I have caused the

Tongue of Grandeur to utter, and the Pen of Power to inscribe. Ponder a

while thereon, that with both your inner and outer eye, ye may perceive

the subtleties of Divine wisdom and discover the gems of heavenly

knowledge which, in clear and weighty language, I have revealed in this

exalted and incorruptible Tablet, and that ye may not stray far from the

All-Highest Throne, from the Tree beyond which there is no passing, from

the Habitation of everlasting might and glory.

The signs of God shine as manifest and resplendent as the sun amidst the

works of His creatures. Whatsoever proceedeth from Him is apart, and will

always remain distinguished, from the inventions of men. From the Source

of His knowledge countless Luminaries of learning and wisdom have risen,

and out of the Paradise of His Pen the breath of the All-Merciful hath

continually been wafted to the hearts and souls of men. Happy are they

that have recognized this truth.

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