That Which Thou Hast Heard Concerning

That which thou hast heard concerning Abraham, the Friend of the

All-Merciful, is the truth, and no doubt is there about it. The Voice of

God commanded Him to offer up Ishmael as a sacrifice, so that His

steadfastness in the Faith of God and His detachment from all else but Him

may be demonstrated unto men. The purpose of God, moreover, was to

sacrifice him as a ransom for the sins and iniquities of all the peoples

of the earth. This same honor, Jesus, the Son of Mary, besought the one

true God, exalted be His name and glory, to confer upon Him. For the same

reason was Husayn offered up as a sacrifice by Muhammad, the Apostle of


No man can ever claim to have comprehended the nature of the hidden and

manifold grace of God; none can fathom His all-embracing mercy. Such hath

been the perversity of men and their transgressions, so grievous have been

the trials that have afflicted the Prophets of God and their chosen ones,

that all mankind deserveth to be tormented and to perish. God's hidden and

most loving providence, however, hath, through both visible and invisible

agencies, protected and will continue to protect it from the penalty of

its wickedness. Ponder this in thine heart, that the truth may be revealed

unto thee, and be thou steadfast in His path.

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