The Most Great Name Beareth Me Witness!

The Most Great Name beareth Me witness! How sad if any man were, in this

Day, to rest his heart on the transitory things of this world! Arise, and

cling firmly to the Cause of God. Be most loving one to another. Burn

away, wholly for the sake of the Well-Beloved, the veil of self with the

flame of the undying Fire, and with faces joyous and beaming with light,

associate with your neighbor. Ye have well observed, in all its aspects,

the behavior of Him Who is the Word of Truth amidst you. Ye know full well

how hard it is for this Youth to allow, though it be for one night, the

heart of any one of the beloved of God to be saddened by Him.

The Word of God hath set the heart of the world afire; how regrettable if

ye fail to be enkindled with its flame! Please God, ye will regard this

blessed night as the night of unity, will knit your souls together, and

resolve to adorn yourselves with the ornament of a goodly and praiseworthy

character. Let your principal concern be to rescue the fallen from the

slough of impending extinction, and to help him embrace the ancient Faith

of God. Your behavior towards your neighbor should be such as to manifest

clearly the signs of the one true God, for ye are the first among men to

be re-created by His Spirit, the first to adore and bow the knee before

Him, the first to circle round His throne of glory. I swear by Him Who

hath caused Me to reveal whatever hath pleased Him! Ye are better known to

the inmates of the Kingdom on high than ye are known to your own selves.

Think ye these words to be vain and empty? Would that ye had the power to

perceive the things your Lord, the All-Merciful, doth see--things that

attest the excellence of your rank, that bear witness to the greatness of

your worth, that proclaim the sublimity of your station! God grant that

your desires and unmortified passions may not hinder you from that which

hath been ordained for you.

The Most Great Law Is Come, And The Ancient Beauty The One True God, Exalted Be His Glory, Hath Ever Regarded, facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail