The One True God, Exalted Be His Glory, Hath Ever Regarded,

THE one true God, exalted be His glory, hath ever regarded, and will

continue to regard, the hearts of men as His own, His exclusive

possession. All else, whether pertaining to land or sea, whether riches or

glory, He hath bequeathed unto the kings and rulers of the earth. From the

beginning that hath no beginning the ensign proclaiming the words 'He

doeth whatsoever He willeth' hath been unfurled in all its splendour

before His Manifestation. What mankind needeth in this day is obedience

unto them that are in authority, and a faithful adherence to the cord of

wisdom. The instruments which are essential to the immediate protection,

the security and assurance of the human race have been entrusted to the

hands, and lie in the grasp, of the governors of human society. This is

the wish of God and His decree.... We cherish the hope that one of the

kings of the earth will, for the sake of God, arise for the triumph of

this wronged, this oppressed people. Such a king will be eternally

extolled and glorified. God hath prescribed unto this people the duty of

aiding whosoever will aid them, of serving his best interests, and of

demonstrating to him their abiding loyalty. They who follow Me must

strive, under all circumstances, to promote the welfare of whosoever will

arise for the triumph of My Cause, and must at all times prove their

devotion and fidelity unto him. Happy is the man that hearkeneth and

observeth My counsel. Woe unto him that faileth to fulfil My wish.

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