The Ordinances Of God Have Been Sent

The ordinances of God have been sent down from the heaven of His most

august Revelation. All must diligently observe them. Man's supreme

distinction, his real advancement, his final victory, have always

depended, and will continue to depend, upon them. Whoso keepeth the

commandments of God shall attain everlasting felicity.

A twofold obligation resteth upon him who hath recognized the Day Spring

of the Unity of God, and acknowledged the truth of Him Who is the

Manifestation of His oneness. The first is steadfastness in His love, such

steadfastness that neither the clamor of the enemy nor the claims of the

idle pretender can deter him from cleaving unto Him Who is the Eternal

Truth, a steadfastness that taketh no account of them whatever. The second

is strict observance of the laws He hath prescribed--laws which He hath

always ordained, and will continue to ordain, unto men, and through which

the truth may be distinguished and separated from falsehood.

The One True God, Exalted Be His Glory, Hath Ever Regarded, The Pen Of Revelation Exclaimeth: "on This facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail