The Purpose Underlying The Revelation Of

The purpose underlying the revelation of every heavenly Book, nay, of

every divinely-revealed verse, is to endue all men with righteousness and

understanding, so that peace and tranquillity may be firmly established

amongst them. Whatsoever instilleth assurance into the hearts of men,

whatsoever exalteth their station or promoteth their contentment, is

acceptable in the sight of God. How lofty is the station which man, if he

but choose to fulfill his high destiny, can attain! To what depths of

degradation he can sink, depths which the meanest of creatures have never

reached! Seize, O friends, the chance which this Day offereth you, and

deprive not yourselves of the liberal effusions of His grace. I beseech

God that He may graciously enable every one of you to adorn himself, in

this blessed Day, with the ornament of pure and holy deeds. He, verily,

doeth whatsoever He willeth.

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