The Rulers Of America

HEARKEN ye, O Rulers of America and the Presidents of the Republics

therein, unto that which the Dove is warbling on the Branch of Eternity:

There is none other God but Me, the Ever-Abiding, the Forgiving, the

All-Bountiful. Adorn ye the temple of dominion with the ornament of

justice and of the fear of God, and its head with the crown of the

remembrance of your Lord, the Creator of the heavens. Thus counselleth you

He Who is the Dayspring of Names, as bidden by Him Who is the All-Knowing,

the All-Wise. The Promised One hath appeared in this glorified Station,

whereat all beings, both seen and unseen, have rejoiced. Take ye advantage

of the Day of God. Verily, to meet Him is better for you than all that

whereon the sun shineth, could ye but know it. O concourse of rulers! Give

ear unto that which hath been raised from the Dayspring of Grandeur:

Verily, there is none other God but Me, the Lord of Utterance, the

All-Knowing. Bind ye the broken with the hands of justice, and crush the

oppressor who flourisheth with the rod of the commandments of your Lord,

the Ordainer, the All-Wise.

The Revelation Which From Time Immemorial The Second Valley facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail