To Whatever Place We May Be Banished

To whatever place We may be banished, however great the tribulation We may

suffer, they who are the people of God must, with fixed resolve and

perfect confidence, keep their eyes directed towards the Day Spring of

Glory, and be busied in whatever may be conducive to the betterment of the

world and the education of its peoples. All that hath befallen Us in the

past hath advanced the interests of Our Revelation and blazoned its fame;

and all that may befall Us in the future will have a like result. Cling

ye, with your inmost hearts, to the Cause of God, a Cause that hath been

sent down by Him Who is the Ordainer, the All-Wise. We have, with the

utmost kindliness and mercy, summoned and directed all peoples and nations

to that which shall truly profit them.

The Day Star of Truth that shineth in its meridian splendor beareth Us

witness! They who are the people of God have no ambition except to revive

the world, to ennoble its life, and regenerate its peoples. Truthfulness

and good-will have, at all times, marked their relations with all men.

Their outward conduct is but a reflection of their inward life, and their

inward life a mirror of their outward conduct. No veil hideth or obscureth

the verities on which their Faith is established. Before the eyes of all

men these verities have been laid bare, and can be unmistakably

recognized. Their very acts attest the truth of these words.

Every discerning eye can, in this Day, perceive the dawning light of God's

Revelation, and every attentive ear can recognize the Voice that was heard

from the Burning Bush. Such is the rushing of the waters of Divine mercy,

that He Who is the Day Spring of the signs of God and the Revealer of the

evidences of His glory is without veil or concealment associating and

conversing with the peoples of the earth and its kindreds. How numerous

are those who, with hearts intent upon malice, have sought Our Presence,

and departed from it loyal and loving friends! The portals of grace are

wide open before the face of all men. In Our outward dealings with them We

have treated alike the righteous and the sinner, that perchance the

evil-doer may attain the limitless ocean of Divine forgiveness. Our name

"the Concealer" hath shed such a light upon men that the froward hath

imagined himself to be numbered with the pious. No man that seeketh Us

will We ever disappoint, neither shall he that hath set his face towards

Us be denied access unto Our court....

O friends! Help ye the one true God, exalted be His glory, by your goodly

deeds, by such conduct and character as shall be acceptable in His sight.

He that seeketh to be a helper of God in this Day, let him close his eyes

to whatever he may possess, and open them to the things of God. Let him

cease to occupy himself with that which profiteth him, and concern himself

with that which shall exalt the all-compelling name of the Almighty. He

should cleanse his heart from all evil passions and corrupt desires, for

the fear of God is the weapon that can render him victorious, the primary

instrument whereby he can achieve his purpose. The fear of God is the

shield that defendeth His Cause, the buckler that enableth His people to

attain to victory. It is a standard that no man can abase, a force that no

power can rival. By its aid, and by the leave of Him Who is the Lord of

Hosts, they that have drawn nigh unto God have been able to subdue and

conquer the citadels of the hearts of men.

To Every Discerning And Illuminated Heart It Tolstoy facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail